Hacker Attacks CCP's Popular Game

April 16, 2008

The source code for another game has supposedly been hacked. A computer hacker has stated that he or she hacked the source for the game EVE Online. In order to prove this was true, the hacker then posted the code to numerous P2P websites.

The hacker has stated it will only remove the hacked source code when the game’s manufacturer acknowledeges that the game has security flaws.

The hacker has stated he or she is even willing to offer their services to help the company plug any holes that exist.

The last time a game’s source code was hacked and released was with the popular game “Half Life 2”. This occurred back in 2003.

However, the manufacturer of the game, CCP, states that the game has not actually been hacked, and that it is not entirely possible to use the source code to pose a security threat.


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