ISP’s gets speed tested

April 16, 2008

ISP’s gets speed tested

If internet users forget what they are told about internet connection speeds and simply tested them for themselves it seems that they would be in for a big surprise.

This has become such a sore point with the regulator and customers that the whole issue of connection speed and advertising speed is being explored.

Broadband Expert has been testing 41,230 internet connections throughout the months of February and March this year. It was Virgin Media and UK Online who emerged as being the best at providing the speed to what they advertise.

But as an average it was found that if the speed advertised was compared with the actual speed that the consumers were getting, is around half what they would expect.

For 2 Mbps it was Virgin who came out on top, 8 Mbps was Be Broadband and for the 16 Mbps it was Virgin who came out on top again.


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