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April 17, 2008

BT Exchange upgrade to start

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by David Allen
<br />
BT Exchange upgrade to start<br />

By the end of the month BT engineers will be starting on a significant upgrade of the UK’s telephone exchanges. Once completed, speeds of three times the current 8 Mbps can be expected, however this will still depend on the users location from the exchange.

BT will be using ADSL2+; this can transmit data at twice the current frequency as ADSL2. But how this will be managed by the ISP’s is not yet known, clearly there is a market for faster connection speeds and some users are willing to pay for this service.

In around fourteen months time BT has estimated that they would complete around 850 exchanges, these in turn will provide services to around thirteen million users. However BT does have around 5,500 exchanges throughout the UK which gives an idea of the magnitude of the task.

With the ISP’s already complaining about traffic generated through video, there will definitely be some changes to the way that the consumer pays for their 24 Mbps broadband connection.

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  1. I tought I was getting up to 8MB Broadband, But alas my BT line can only give me 2MB at the moment. It would be helpful if bt could reinvest some of their vast profits and at least deliver the service we expect. Robert

    Comment by Robert Broadbent — July 14, 2008 @ 10:38 am

  2. I live in the country area of Gillingham, Dorset and can only get 512kbps on broadband. I need to know when Gillingham exchange can be upgraded to give me a more sensible speed.This speed is totally unfair for what I am paying to Tiscali.

    Derek eWELL.

    Comment by Derek Ewell — June 16, 2009 @ 2:29 pm

  3. I live in the country also just recently moved here and was promised by bt bt vision and broadband i had to wait about 4 months since i moved here to recieve 512Kbps when the person beside me in the exchange was recieving 8mbps and i stay under 4km away which your suppose to lose o.5mbps for each km then they say they cant tell you when the exhange box is going to be upgraded but will quite happilly take your money and through you to the side. This world is a joke due to these big companies charging too much so there high payed employees can live the life. i.e banks etc(so much for the credit crunch and the government bailing them out everytime they screw up)Scottish Borders-Grantshouse.

    Comment by Raymond Nicol — January 8, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

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