ISPs dragging feet over code of practice

April 24, 2008

In order to make the whole industry transparent, the regulator Ofcom wanted to introduce a voluntary code of practice for all ISP’s. This has come about through the problems that have occurred over the advertised broadband connection speeds and pricing structures.

Ofcom had written to all of the big six ISP’s explaining that there is a need for the entire industry to get their act together and explain in a clear and concise manner to customers exactly what they will be getting for the money.

There are many way that the ISP’s could improve their services. But so far none have been forthcoming with any ideas, not only regarding how they can help customers see the features and costs of the broadband packages, but also on how a code of practice established.

There are worries now that Ofcom will be looking into alternatives and force some sort of new rules and regulations onto the industry as a whole.


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