Blake’s Seven to return to the TV

April 25, 2008

With revamped Sci Fi programmes being all the rage at the moment, Dr Who, Battlestar Galactica and the Bionic Woman are prime examples, it should come as no surprise that the old favourite from the eighties, Blake’s Seven, could be making its way back to the small screen.

But unlike Dr Who, it would seem that the BBC may have missed out on this one, as it looks as if Sky One will be getting the go ahead to remake the series.

Blake’s Seven was entirely different to the likes of Dr Who, with storylines and characters that would be at home in any modern drama.

It is believed that Sky One is looking to keep the darkness that surrounded the series, but hopefully without the cardboard cut outs and eighties graphics.

There has been a real comeback for the sci fi TV show, probably due to the speed and quality that graphics can be produced in these days.


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