Happy Birthday …. SPAM

May 2, 2008

A birthday not too many people around the world will be celebrating on Saturday 3rd May is the 30th anniversary of the birth of that not so beautiful child SPAM.

Back on that day in 1978 nearly 400 employees of a company called Arpanet all received the same annoying email from DEC or Digital Equipment Corporation, and the rest as they say, is history.

Nearly 11,000 days later and well over one billion people can now access the Internet and of course SPAM.

Those annoying and repetitive messages enticing you to make money from a friendly Nigerian doctor, or have certain parts of your anatomy enlarged, are now reasonably easy to control on a home or commercial PC, unfortunately the same can not be said of mobile SPAM.

AdaptiveMobile CEO, Lorcan Burke, believes that mobile SPAM is currently at a similar level as it was with PC SPAM a decade ago.

Currently well over 60% of all British mobile owners receive at least some aggravating SPAM messages.

But Brits should be thankful that they don’t live in mobile SPAM Nirvana, China, where your average mobile owner receives up to 10 distracting messages from spammers every day.

Because there is no directory listing for mobile numbers, people believe that it is private and personal; the user thinks that each call must be from someone who they have given their number to.

In just two years there will be 4 billion mobiles in a world of 6 billion inhabitants, while PC numbers will only reach 1.3 billion units.

The ITU or International Telecommunication Union said in a statement last year that their research indicated that over 80% of global mobile users have been the recipients of SPAM.

In Britain, 66% of mobile owners have either received SPAM messages, or even worse been victimised by phishing expeditions.

Lorcan Burke thinks it is down to the industry itself to protect clients, to avoid a SPAM explosion similar to the one that blighted PC’s a decade ago.

Mobile owners are increasingly aware and concerned about phone security, and these issues will have to be tackled before the arrival of credit payments by mobile that are on the horizon.


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