Mobile broadband prices slashed by 3

May 6, 2008

As the mobile broadband price war heats up, 3 have stepped in with some severe price cuts, with their existing customers being able to get a 2.8 Mbps mobile broadband connection for the low price of just £5 per month.

The Broadband Lite service as it is known, will give the user a limit of 1 Gb of downloads and a free Huawei E169G HSDPA dongle, provided the user takes out an eighteen month contract.

With the competition getting intense amongst the mobile broadband competitors, this price from 3 is clearly going to make the rest think about reducing their prices too.

Maybe eventually even getting to the level where they are paying users to use their mobile broadband services.

As prices get lower this will attract many more people, however they really need to sort out the speed issues.


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