Freesat to offer Broadband soon

May 7, 2008

With only a day gone by since the official launch of the joint venture between ITV and the BBC, Freesat has been giving some clear indications as to their intentions for the future.

Not content with offering a free satellite channel to anyone willing to pay the initial up front payment, they are looking at broadband too; this will be available through the Ethernet port that has been built into every set top box.

By offering their viewers a broadband connection, this will allow Freesat to offer additional services, such as the BBC’s iPlayer and the multi channel venture that we have come to know as Kangaroo.

While some HD versions of channels have not materialised yet, ITV may be able to add ITV HD to Freesat before Sky, as they have yet to arrange a deal for the new channel with Sky.

There are interesting times ahead if Freesat can survive.


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