Broadband users get usage calculator

David Allen -

With the talk of usage and penalties for when a user goes over their allotted limit, sometimes users may be getting too close for comfort.

For many users, not knowing how much time they spend surfing, it is hard to know how close they are getting to their limit.

Luckily the internet service provider PlusNet has created a broadband calculator.

This is where a user can put in their usage and the device crunches the figures down to a monthly internet usage.

This tool could be invaluable for some users, especially those tempted by the BBC iPlayer and the other “On Demand” services that are available.

It should not come as any surprise that nearly eighty per cent of all broadband users have no idea exactly what their personal usage is, it is all a matter of chance and luck that they are not penalised.

But now many users will know how close they are, and can possibly change their package to avoid the extra charges.

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