Headplay uses the protection of OK Labs’ OKL4

May 15, 2008

Headplay, which specialises in visual entertainment and technology, has selected the OK Labs’ OKL4 open source secure virtualisation software to safeguard its software intellectual property in IPTV set-top boxes that will deliver HD content in Asia.

OKL4 features Secure HyperCell technology that can be used to protect intellectual property of original equipment manufacturers and technology providers from IP theft, including reverse engineering and piracy.

OK Labs’ OKL4 will protect Headplay’s proprietary Freefall compression technology to enable secure remote updates of the software over the Internet once the devices are deployed in the homes of millions of end users.

OLK4 gives Headplay the confidence to pursue a new market opportunity with assurances that its proprietary code will not be at risk and that it will be able to securely update the application in the field.

Research has shown that out of every ten tech products sold, one is counterfeit. This leads to an estimated direct loss of more than $100 billion a year.

Without appropriate security measures in place, proprietary software IP remains accessible to any hacker with access to the device on which the code is stored.

This can lead to code theft, reverse engineering and system cloning, and major revenue loss.

Headplay develops new visual entertainment and technology products for the consumer electronics market, and has operations in the US, Canada, Barbados and China.

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