CameraWatch finds problems with schools’ CCTV

Jan Harris

May 19, 2008

CameraWatch an independent advisory body on CCTV and surveillance technology, has discovered serious errors in the way that CCTV cameras are used in schools.

The organisation surveyed 60 schools across the UK and found that none of them were complying with the Data Protection Act.

The main problems identified were failure to display notices warning that CCTV cameras were operating, not storing recorders and tapes securely, and incorrect positioning of cameras which meant that they intruded on private spaces.

The quality of the images recorded was also found to be generally poor.

CameraWatch has warned that failure to comply with strict guidelines would disqualify CCTV footage from being allowed to be used as evidence in court.

The schools survey follows an earlier study by CameraWatch which found that 90 per cent of CCTV installations fail to comply with guidelines.


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