Newport Networks highlights VoIP security

Jan Harris

May 21, 2008

With VoIP telephony services becoming increasingly popular, Newport Networks has issued a timely reminder of the need to be mindful of security issues with the technology.

The company, which makes VoIP equipment, has identified a small but growing problem with hackers eavesdropping on VoIP calls, and stealing encoded user names and passwords, which they can then easily decode and sell.

According to Newport Networks, this information is more valuable than credit cards to a hacker, with VoIP information selling online for around £9 while credit card details sell for around £6.

Anyone with access to the user name and password for a VoIP service can then use the service for free, while the authorised user will receive a huge bill.

Newport Networks believes that ISPs need to do much more to protect the security of VoIP services.

Home VoIP users also need to make sure that their network is secured.


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