ITV not making enough shows outside London

May 22, 2008

The media regulator Ofcom would appear to have got its hands full with ITV at the moment, as now they have found that ITV have not been spending enough on making television programmes outside of London.

They are supposed to keep to the quota, which has been set by the regulator. In this case the figure is set at fifty per cent.

But according to Ofcom the actual amount spent on making regional programmes was around forty four per cent; this is well below the target figure.

What happens now will be down to Ofcom, they could if they wanted to, fine ITV again. But after the last incident which involved the phone voting, maybe they will think of something else.

However this will not go as smoothly as Ofcom believe, because despite these claims, ITV are insisting that they have met the quotas, but to make things worse for them all the other channels beat their quotas.


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