Sycamore's SN 9000 Switch Deployed By MediaXstream

May 28, 2008

MediaXstream is to deploy Sycamore’s new SN 9000 Intelligent Multiservice Switch and SILVX® as the new foundation for their newly developed, nationwide switched optical network.

MediaXstream are leaders in networking for carrier-neutral, high quality transport and managed services for the media production and broadcast industries.

MediaXstream specialize in High Definition, economical, media distribution, aimed mainly at producers and broadcasters.

They offer services which give their clients the means to create, manage, and dispense their respective products.

The optical mesh provided by Sycamore should allow MediaXstream to reliably meet the expanding needs of the HD contribution and distribution market.

Currently MediaXstream provides services for IPTV service providers, mobile content operators, news agencies, sports broadcasters, and film and television production companies.

MediaXstream’s chief technology officer, Wayne Price, said that the company is now providing services for some of the industry’s biggest broadcast and media companies, and that they are continuing to provide purpose-built HD networks of a standard to meet unprecedented demand for capacity and reliability.

Price went on to praise Sycamore for the optical mesh solution, and talk about the efficiency that it would bring to MediaXstream because of the bandwidth service management, and that the automated point-and-click provisioning would result in operations costs going down.

President and CEO of Sycamore, Daniel E. Smith, spoke about how pleased the company was to be teaming up with MediaXstream.

Smith went on to say that this has encouraged Sycamore to remain a step ahead of the competition, and to keep providing the best in optical mesh networking.

The newest system from Sycamore, and the one being implemented by MediaXstream, is the SN 9000 intelligent optical switch network which provides ultimate utilization of network capacity by providing leverage for the ASON/GMPLS-powered BroadLeaf® control plane.

The SN 9000 Intelligent Multiservice Switch stands out because it allows for multiple functions through the one platform, which offers hgh-density, multiserviced aggregation.

The SN 9000 actually works in conjunction with the software from both the SN16000 and the SN 3000 optical switching platforms, which allows for highly resilient end-to-end managing.

What makes the SN9000 different is the ability to function on any network architecture and any topology, as well as supporting rapid end-to-end provisioning of circuit, packet, and optical services, while extending bandwidth to use with multiple network segments and layers.


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