Digital TV forces advertisers to offer more

May 29, 2008

With so many different set top boxes available to digital TV viewers and also having the ability to skip adverts, there is a need for agencies and businesses to make an advert worth watching in order to get their message across.

Tonight, during the first ad break of the food programme “Come Dine With Me!” at 20.10 pm, there will be UK television history being made, with the first ever “Live” TV advert.

The advert will be for Honda. They are well known for their innovative advertising, but tonight the advert will take up the whole three minute and twenty second slot.

It will feature a sky diving team who after jumping out of the aircraft have until the end of the advert to spell out the message.

If it works it is going to look really great, if it fails nobody is going to know who the advert was for anyway!


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