3G iPhone could be key mobile TV device

June 6, 2008

3G iPhone could be key mobile TV device
With the launch of Apple’s 35 iPhone imminent, a report from Analysis Mason highlights the potential for Apple to make a mark on the mobile TV market.

The report suggests that the iPhone could become the key device for viewing mobile video, for many consumers.

Market research has found that iPhone owners access TV and video content more often than users of other handsets.

With its 3G capability, the iPhone is video-friendly, providing a high-quality widescreen display, good internal memory capacity and low battery consumption.

Users have access to Apple’s growing library of TV and video content, which is optimised for the iPhone.

The device can also support multiple methods of delivering TV and video content, including sideloading, indoor WLAN and high-speed 3G cellular data access.

With Apple moving away from exclusive distribution deals for the device, Anaysis believes that the 3G iPhone could have a significant impact on the way mobile subscribers purchase and watch mobile TV and video content.

All of which is good news for Apple, as it is likely to boost the iPhone’s sales.


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