ZapMyTV joins Internap’s Content Delivery Network

June 10, 2008

Internap Network Services Corporation, provider of end-to-end Internet business solutions, has announced that ZapMyTV has contracted with Internap to provide the content delivery network (CDN), data centre co-location, professional services and Performance IPTM networking to launch a new service to uniquely broadcast cable TV programming over the Internet with custom interactive capabilities.

ZapMyTV expects to launch its ‘triple revenue’ service over the next two quarters.

It will offer subscribers multiple content tiers based on worldwide consumer demand, network performance and diverse programming.

ZapMyTV anticipates that the service will include new interactive features that will enable the viewer to customize their experience.

Advertisers will have the opportunity to create new revenue through multiple tailored product placements and Web advertisements in a format that allows for reporting for all levels of advertising.

In addition, ZapMyTV intends to offer ad-supported programming packages that defray a portion of the subscription cost.

Internap’s bundled solution provides the network and data centre services to build and scale mission critical Web sites and media ‘netcasting’.

ZapMyTV is using Internap’s CDN and Performance IP network services to load programming content into the global network and stream the media to the end consumer.

Internap’s data centre co-location supports the servers, storage and broadcasting technology.

Lastly, Internap’s professional services team is developing customized video experiences for viewing ZapMyTV’s channels of cable TV programming.

IPTV Channel Broadcast Using Adobe Flash Technology
For ZapMyTV, Internap has engaged a team of infrastructure architects, engineers, and project managers to analyze business drivers and design and build the customized video playback experiences that will run on Adobe® Flash® Player for viewing cable TV programming over the Web.

The solution will be based on the Adobe Flash Media Server 3, which provides streaming media and real-time communication capabilities.

The professional services team includes consultants from both Internap and Adobe.

ZapMyTV Details
ZapMyTV has been involved in the digital rebroadcast of cable TV programming since 2000.

ZapMyTV’s menu offers potentially thousands of channels of live cable and access to previously released episodes of favourite shows.

ZapMyTV allows subscribers to access a diverse, seamless, digital interactive platform in order to view any live cable program and simultaneously use interactive features on one Website.

The combination of digital media capabilities that ZapMyTV is shaping is distributed on a single Website and is the only platform designed with this capability.

Internap Details
Internap is an Internet solutions company that provides The Ultimate Online Experience™ by managing, delivering and distributing applications and content.


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