Campaign starts against Virgin Media

June 16, 2008

It all started when the Chief Executive of Virgin Media, Neil Berkett, mentioned that Virgin Media could be looking into how the ISP could split the internet into different types of zones, where those owners of websites that are willing to pay get better loading speeds throughout the network, while those who do not pay up, end up getting pushed back with their websites taking longer to load.

The campaign named “STOP Virgin” is against a two tier system as this would mean that the favourite sites at the moment like You Tube and even the BBC’s iPlayer would not be willing to pay and would therefore take a lot longer to load making the process unbearable for users.

The problem is that should Virgin Media make a success of this, other ISPs will be looking in on how it goes and may be tempted to go the same way.

Hopefully there will always be ISPs who believe in the freedom of the internet, but who knows!


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