Mobile phone users to pay for receiving calls

June 17, 2008

Following the European Commission ruling over the termination charges applied to mobile phone users who receive calls while travelling abroad, there is a rumour circulating that the mobile phone service providers are considering charging users to receive calls within the UK!

This may seem to be the mobile phone companies getting their own back, but this is normal practice in the US where mobile phone users do get charged to receive calls.

In fact there is nothing stopping them from doing it here, apart from the fact that their customers would shop around for a new service.

Should this happen mobile phone usage is likely to drop, as users will search around for another service to use.

This could mean using internet based services such as VOIP and Instant Messaging or just switching to using SMS instead of making calls.

Some people within the industry are saying that this is merely a threat to get people thinking about the way that mobile phones, or the lack of, actually fit into our daily lives and what it would be like without them!


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  1. VOIPER says:

    In the U.S mobile customers indeed get charged for incoming calls. On the flip side, they don’t pay different rates to call a mobile network or to call different carriers. There’s also no visible difference between numbers associated with different providers for geographical or mobile numbers.

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