Dell start to charge for downgrading to XP

June 20, 2008

When Dell announced that they would downgrade Vista so that they could keep installing XP into their equipment after the 30th June deadline, it was thought of as being a good move.

Although they may have been the first computer company to do this, they are now going to start charging for the downgrade.

There was talk that this may happen, and being a business it is always wise to consider that costs outweigh anything else, but for business users who are opting for the Vostro systems and want to have XP installed instead of Vista they will have to pay up to £60 for the pleasure.

Dell are making use of some downgrade rights which were built into the Vista system, so downgrading Vista allows Dell to install Windows XP Professional into the new orders, but they will have to ship a copy of Vista too, should the user decide to upgrade to that at a later date.


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