Symmetricom announce Q-1200 monitoring device

June 25, 2008

Symmetricom, Inc have announced details on their brand new analyzing tool, the Q-1200 digital/IP video headend analyzer, a multichannel video monitoring device, which should be released in September.

The benefit will be to the telco and cable operators, as well as quality of service for the customer.

The product will analyze and identify video impairments efficiently, offering a cost efficient method of improving service quality.

The Q-1200 is no push over either, capable of both audio and video analysis on 400 video streams on 100 channels, finding channel audio and/or video dropout, black/blue screen, and major blockiness, among other impairments.

Of the course the product is aimed at downsizing a company; good for the company, not the employee.

The depth of content that the Q-1200 provides means there is no need for staff to cover this area, ruthless, but cost effective.

The Q-1200, plays an important role of ensuring Quality of Experience and service for its customers, and with the addition of other Symmetricom products, can provide the perfect QoE solutions for its consumers.

IP/digital video offerings could be the next generation of greatest assets that telcos and cable operators could acquire, however, without the right solution, and maintenance, that asset, can soon turn into a liability.


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