Data loss and latop theft increase

June 26, 2008

Absolute Software, a laptop tracking and recovery firm, has offered its advice on security as the number of cases relating to data loss, and laptop theft, increase.

The fact that laptops continue to fall in price for a basic model is irrelevant, as the data stored on them becomes ever more valuable, with the average laptop containing data worth £550,000, and up to £5,000,000 in some cases, depending on its sensitivity.

This is why Absolute software stress that it is essential that correct precautions are taken to avoid such loss or theft.

Absolute Software provide a computer theft recovery, data protection and Secure Asset Tracking(tm) solution, ComputraceOne®, which can delete confidential data stored on stolen laptops, as well as recovering a vast number of laptops every year.

Visual deterrents are sometimes all that’s needed to make a thief steer clear of your laptop, a simple lock can some time do the trick.

Advertising a laptop is as bad as stealing one, you’re inviting theft, so instead of carrying the normal laptop bag, use less suspicious laptop carrying solutions, such as backpacks.

The not so obvious advice, as so many people do it, is don’t leave a laptop unattended.

Even in a work environment you may know 90% of people and feel safe, but what are the other 10% of people thinking while you leave your laptop unattended?

Last but not least, use indentification methods for your laptop.

Engrave company or personal details in, that are visually apparent, which may deter a thief, who will find it harder to sell it on as used goods with someone elses name on it.


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