JAJAH now used by Gizmo5 VoIP service

June 27, 2008

JAJAH, managed services provider in IP-telecommunications, announced today its platform has been selected by Gizmo5, a widely-used free mobile and computer-based VoIP service.

The partnership adds millions of users to the JAJAH platform, with JAJAH handling all call termination for Gizmo5 as well as additional tailored services including customer care and billing.

Softphones, or software-based-phones, enable people to make IP-telephone calls directly from Internet-connected computers or mobile devices, and are increasingly being seen as an alternative to traditional landline phones for telecommuters and mobile users.

The softphone market is poised for significant growth as competition heats up and global unified communications take hold.

A recent Frost & Sullivan report finds that the percentage of the total IP-telephone market that softphones represent will increase from 5 percent to 20 percent by 2014.

Softphone sales rose to 416,000 units, worth $18.9 million in 2007, a 30 percent increase in dollar terms over the previous year.

The Gizmo5 partnership extends JAJAH’s profile as a Managed Services provider for softphone developers.

Its managed service platform services companies, such as Yahoo! and its 97 million Messenger users, MailVision, one of the leading developers of SIP-based services for computers and mobile devices and now Gizmo5, which is regarded the biggest challenger in the softphone market.

With JAJAH’s Managed Services platform, companies such as Gizmo5 may be able to compete against the established IP-telephony players.

In providing a scalable global network that works on device and network, the companies are able to focus on their core differentiators – software and marketing.

Gizmo5 currently provides calling and IM services to millions of users in the U.S., Asia and Europe from a computer or mobile phone.

By tapping into the JAJAH infrastructure, Gizmo5 will reduce overhead and expand its service globally.

With JAJAH, the Gizmo5 offering doesn’t change, it simply becomes more flexible in reach and more cost effective for its users.

JAJAH is a scalable IP telephony network.

It is partnering with technology companies, carriers, mobile and cable companies, and now softphone developers, to provide these companies with a range of IP telephony solutions, which are then extended to its customers.


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