The BBC plans iPlayer box

June 30, 2008

In order to keep up with the competition the BBC are forever attempting to either get ahead in the game or try to keep up with the new developments that other broadcasters bring out.

The problem is that for the BBC it is not just a matter of showing good programming or providing the right services, they need to do everything all of the time.

When Virgin Media began to offer the iPlayer in with their services this had many people thinking that this was the way ahead.

Clearly the BBC has taken notice of this, which why we are hearing that they are planning on bringing out the iPlayer as a set top box.

However they will have to compete with the likes of Apple and probably Sky, but using online content and transferring it to the TV has its problems and would need to be ironed out.

As the BBC Trust is still thinking about this, there is no guarantee that the iPlayer set top box will ever see the light of day yet anyhow!


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