Poorest families to get a free laptop

July 1, 2008

The digital divide normally applies to the haves and have nots in broadband connection speeds, but this term can be more aptly applied to the poorest families in the UK who are not connected to the internet at all.

Not only are these people missing out, more importantly it is their children who could be suffering, not because they are missing out on social networking but because they are not getting the same lift as other children when in comes to school work.

The government’s plan would involve these children being given one of those mini laptops.

These range from around £160 and offer basic computing, which will allow them to access their school work online and help them with homework etc.

However the Home Access Task Force, the body behind these plans, will need around £250 million to fund this project.

It is estimated that twenty four per cent of families with children who are sixteen and under are not in the position to be online.


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