BBC considers pre-booking feature for iPlayer

July 4, 2008

The BBC are looking into adding to the already hugely successful iPlayer, but this is not going to be more content, although there is a connection to content as they are proposing to add a pre-booking function similar to that which can be found on Sky and 4oD.

This is going to be very popular with everyone except the internet service providers, who will already be planning on ways to counter this.

But as the BBC sees it, the ISPs who have sold, and are still selling unlimited broadband, cannot really complain when their users begin to download TV shows.

However there is a built in feature that will in fact help the ISPs out.

The download that has been pre-booked will actually be downloaded at a time when the user’s internet activity is at a minimum, therefore making the whole process easier on the networks.

Although these plans have been announced there are no immediate plans to bring this feature in, although there are several other plans for iPlayer in the pipeline that are yet to be announced.


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