Channel Four looking to provide regional news

July 4, 2008

After having initial talks with rival commercial channel ITV, it looks as if Channel Four are looking to plug the £150 million funding hole in the channel’s budget with a boost from providing regional news programming.

It is believed that this will start off as an online venture but, if successful, could also find its way onto one of the Channel Four channels.

The management have been in talks with all the necessary people in the government, Ofcom and other parties with an interest in this field of news reporting, but as of yet there is nothing solid to be announced.

This would work out fine for both ITV and Channel Four as both are struggling with different problems.

ITV is finding it hard to fit regional programming into its schedules and Channel Four has a gaping hole in their budget that needs filling with something.

The regional news would fit nicely into their plans.

Even if they did get the funding for this regional news project, there would still be a shortfall in their budget of around £30 million.


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