300% Rise In Digital Asset Management Revenue

July 7, 2008

ABI Research has released new findings which suggests that revenues from digital asset management (DAM) solutions will increase by 300% in the next 5 years.

ABI also conducted research into broadband video markets and conditional access plans, as well as market growth projections for Asia, Europe, and North America.

ABI Research are leaders in market research, especially in analysing the effects of new technologies in the global personal and business markets.

They are employed primarily to aid companies in assessing how to promote growth within key areas of their business.

To do this ABI use intelligence from current market trends, research conducted from within the company, and assessments from their own analysts.

Industry analyst, Zippy Aima, said that there are universal elements which bear on the continued growth of DAM, broadband video, and conditional access.

Aima also spoke about the growing demand for digital media and the broadening means for accessing that content, which is leading to a demand for more digital media storage and access solutions.

Whilst there are market similarities, there are also key factors which differentiate the regions.

The U.S. already has an established conditional access market, which will see revenues level-out in the coming years.

Telcos will see the largest portion of the profits, followed by the cable and satellite industries.

IPTV has taken some time to gain a significant foot-hold in the European and Asian markets, however it is now starting to see rapid growth.

Pay-TV subscription numbers are expected to increase by six times the current level in the next 5 years, though free to air content will see a small reduction.

Each and every market provides unique challenges, though vendors are trying to counter this by offering the latest in conditional access programmes, however this is a slow and costly endeavour.

With more users looking to online video content for entertainment, bandwidth issues are quickly arising.

Security is more of an issue than ever, which is leading to more tightly controlled security measures being put in place.

At this stage, many are confused about what specifically constitutes DAM solutions, and vendors are having to counter this, whilst also provide services which will work in conjunction with applications already in place, and those which are soon to be implemented.

The findings of ABI’s research, titled Digital Media Market Data, may be viewed at http://www.abiresearch.com/products/…Digital_Media_ Forecasts.


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