Brando announces USB Fidgets

July 17, 2008

Brando has released a new USB gadget to fill a few moments for bored office workers.

The USB ‘Fidgets’ come in three versions - golf, soccer, and basketball - each with slightly different rules.

The ‘Fidget’ is a plastic ball which sits in a holder and can be clicked like a mouse.

At the other end of the cable is a USB connector which simply plugs into the USB port on a Windows Vista/XP/2000 computer.

After it is plugged in, a ball appears on the computer screen and the user clicks the Fidget to make the ball bounce or move around the screen.

Brando claims that the Fidgets can help you stop smoking or get rid of other annoying habits like tapping a pen.

At just £14.00 it sounds like a fun way to spend a few minutes.


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