YouTube clear winner over iPlayer

July 17, 2008

It may still be early days for BBC’s iPlayer, but figures released recently suggest that it still has a long way to go before it gets anywhere near the streaming traffic that YouTube is seeing.

Research carried by Telco 2.0 has shown that while seven per cent of the traffic during the busiest times, through the internet service provider Plusnet, is down to the iPlayer, at the same time a massive seventeen per cent of traffic is for YouTube.

It is true that the traffic has been building for the iPlayer and no doubt will continue to build over a period of time.

This will be especially so as all of the broadcasters develop a significant online presence and begin to offer more content.

The TV companies have huge archives of material which is yet to become available online.

When this eventually happens it could be a gold rush for them, providing the broadband network can handle it.


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