Intel’s Bloomfield CPU Pricing Lower Than Expected

July 21, 2008

Intel's Bloomfield CPU Pricing Lower Than Expected

Reports from motherboard makers suggest that Intel’s new Extreme Bloomfield quad-core 3.2 GHz CPU will be released at US$999 for a thousand-unit tray, which is around two thirds of the price for the current high-end CPU.

Past releases by Intel were always priced with the Extreme model selling for US$999, however Intel has headed a different course in recent history, no longer sticking to the same pricing scale, however these reports suggest Intel may be going back to old practices.

Intel will be releasing the Bloomfield in three models, the high-end Extreme 3.2GHz CPU, the performance 2.93GHz, and the mainstream 2.66GHz, with the prices for the 2.93GHz and the 2.66GHz being US$562 and US$284 for thousand-unit trays respectively. Each of the Bloomfield models will be based on the X58 chipset motherboards with a LGA 1366 socket.

Industry analysts believe that Intel is wanting high-end users to take up the Bloomfield as is, and not wait for the LGA 1160 socketed platform, which will be released some time in 2009 with two Nehalem chipsets and Intel’s Havendale and Lynnfield chipsets.

The X58 (code named Tylersburg) has been up-scaled recently, which has lead to some features being taken off the LGA 1160 to set it up for the mid-end market. The QPI and tri-cannel DDR3 components to the X58 makes it the first to support the Bloomfield CPU, and it is these aspects which are now absent from the LGA 1160 platform.


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