Microsoft to sell user generated games

July 23, 2008

Users of the Microsoft XNA tools suite will soon be able to upload their own game creations to the community games section within the Xbox live marketplace, where they can be sold to other users.

XNA has tools that help amateur games developers to put into reality the ideas that they have in their heads. Most gamers have ideas on how they can make a game better, but rarely get the opportunity to do anything about it, until now.

As it stands users or games designers have to buy a membership of the XNA Creators Club this will cost about £50. The membership allows the user to upload their game to the site for sale. The really cool bit is that Microsoft is going to payout up to seventy per cent of the games revenues to the creator.

However in order for a game to go on sale it will have to pass the peer review system first, but once on there, the games are sold on a points system, which varies from between just over £1 to about £5.


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