Be Broadband no deal with BPI

July 25, 2008

Be Broadband may be one of the smaller broadband suppliers in the UK, but they are certainly not one to bow down to the power of the BPI and the power behind it.

However, because they have not signed up to the agreement with the BPI as the six ISP’s did, this does not necessarily mean that their customers are going to be safe from being pursued.

Be Broadband has released a statement which is supposed to reassure their customers that their details will not be passed on to any copyright holder requests.

This initially would sound like a haven for file sharers, but the statement goes on to say that they would only supply the personal details of their customers if the copyright holder has a court order?

Further more if a court order is obtained for the details of one of their customers, then Be Broadband will not even let their customer know what is about to happen.

Be Broadband may have not signed the agreement, but their customers who have downloaded illegal music may still face receiving the letter.


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