Pace see profits surge

July 30, 2008

With the digital switchover in full swing at the moment, it should be expected that a company whose business is directly related to digital TV would be doing well. For the West Yorkshire based set top box maker Pace their six monthly figures show that sales have been brisk.

The company see nearly three million set top boxes go out of their doors in the first six months of the year; this is a massive increase of fifty five per cent. Which is in line with the take up of digital services, in Europe, the US and here in the UK.

These sales increased the company’s profits to just over £11 million; this is up six per cent on the previous six months, which was the last half of 2007.

The company are looking towards 2012, when they are expecting to ship around 230 million units, these will include the HD, and PVR set top boxes too.


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