The world’s cheapest laptop

July 30, 2008

The world of cheap laptops has not been the same since the introduction of the “laptop for all” scheme; the question is now, how low can, they go?

Well clearly, they can go lower; in fact, there is a new laptop on scene, which is a real contender for the title “The Cheapest Laptop in the World”

The Impulse NPX 9000 has a seven inch screen, but as you would expect is not going to be heavy on the inside, but features 1 Gb of flash memory, 128 Mb RAM, 400 Mhz processor and of course uses a Linux based operating system, which would have been top specification several years ago.

So yea this laptop is little short on specs, but is it also short in the price range too, at a mere £70, who is going to argue with that?


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