Google says privacy no longer exists

August 1, 2008

With the Google cars already being spotted around the UK, any worries about privacy being preserved are long gone.

Yet in the states, a couple from Pennsylvania have taken Google to court, claiming that their privacy had been violated.

However, it during the hearing some sensational comments were made by the spokesperson from Google, who when asked about privacy, replied that privacy no longer exists even in the desert!

These claims will not do anyone any favours, as this is a really sensitive subject.

As with many things Google, the ability to collect as much personal information as possible about users, simply in order to given them the most “relevant” advertising, seems to remain Google’s core business strategy - and to hell with privacy.

There remains no opt out on data collection with Google - they will take what they can until the responsibility is otherwise forced on them.

Google have been on the offensive recently to downplay the privacy element. For example, claiming to the European Union that data they collect is not personally identifiable after 18 months.

This is despite that the release of search data by AOL a couple of years ago proved absolutely the opposite was true.

Despite all of the concerns over privacy, Google still goes on building up a massive databases of personal information, and the street shot mapping means anyone nearby is a privacy accident waiting to happen.

Although there are ways of preventing number plates and faces turning up on Google many people do not see that, they are likely to just see red instead.


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