Virgin Media and Sky still talking

August 1, 2008

It has been some seventeen months since Sky took away Sky One and Sky News from the screens of Virgin Media customers, at the time it seemed as if this dispute would only last a matter days, weeks at the most, yet the dispute continues.

The customers of Sky must look at the media every time that there is an announcement that the two are sitting down to discuss how this problem can be sorted out, but only to find that nothing much has changed between the two camps in all of that time.

It has been confirmed by Sky that the talks are ongoing, but the two organisations would seem to be so far away from each other, that it hardly worth the time.

The basics are that Virgin Media feel that Sky is charging too much the premium channels and in turn Sky feel that Virgin Media are not being flexible, because they are a closed organisation.

With discussions still on and off, it is hardly likely to be resolved in the immediate future.


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  1. eric says:

    17months ago they stole SKY NEWS and SKY ONE from our contracts

    On 1 Aug 2008 they stole

    and Hallmark

    A month ago they stole CNBC from us..

    What can we do to remedy these thefts??

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