Bebo to broadcast to aliens

August 4, 2008

The social networking site, Bebo, is set to become the first organisation to allow members of the public to record a message or image which they either just like, or which they feel is representative of life on this planet.

Members will be able to send their messages to Bebo until the closing date, which is 30th September, then the top five hundred will be chosen and sent off to the nearest planet outside of our solar system.

Bebo has planned for the messages to be sent by the National Space Agency of Ukraine using the RT 70 radar telescope on the 9th October.

The messages will be targeted towards Gliese 581c, which is just over twenty light years away, which presents us with a problem; the messages will travel at the speed of light and will therefore take twenty years to get there.

If there is someone listening, their message will take twenty years to return, and some people think that computer lag is slow!

The “Message From Earth” project launches on August 4th, and an internet vote will take place between August 4th and September 30th to decide whose message will be sent into space.


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