Which ISPs illegally download the most?

August 4, 2008

With so much going on about the how the ISPs are going to help the copyright owners stop the illegal downloading of their music etc, it is only natural that some focus should be put on the ISPs themselves and who have the worst customers for downloading.

In a report, internet intelligence company, Envisional, have been doing just that.

By tracking the music torrents for two months they have been able to come up with an interesting record.

They managed to track the music torrents to 28,000 IP addresses in June - 22.6% of them were Carphone Warehouse customers, with 21.6% from Virgin Media and 21.2% from BT.

However the figures for July were slightly different, Virgin Media customers accounting for 22.8% of the total, BT 21.5% and Carphone Warehouse at 21.4%.

This highlights the size of the problem, but plans to send out letters have been around for some time and yet appear to have done nothing to persuade the illegal downloaders to stop what they are doing.


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