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August 5, 2008

Olympics increases malware threat

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by David Allen

With the Olympic Games opening in Beijing within a couple a days, there are concerns that so much information covering the event will cover the tracks of some very well planned malware attacks.

It is well known that when there is a major event happening the amount of malware, phishing and spam increases, and as the Olympics is an event which covers a period of weeks, rather than just one day, there is room for exploitation to occur.

Computer users are being warned to watch out for messages which look like an official Olympic update or news story, as these could well be spam messages which have links to websites that are infected with malware.

These messages could be anything that hackers can think of to get the reader’s attention, like a message from the IOC!

Now is a time when all security updates and patches should be in order.

If in doubt, users of the internet are urged to check in order to be safe.

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