Secure Computing Introduces Secure Web Reporter

August 5, 2008

Secure Computing Corporation, who generally specialize in the enterprise gateway security sector, have recently announced the launch, and now the current availability of the Secure Web Reporter.

The Secure Web Reporter will provide its users with an instant outline of Web activity, although the product will focus on security as well as compliance monitoring and performance assessment.

The product will efficiently examine all traffic and usage data quickly, allowing organizations to see the breakdown of information within seconds or minutes, depending on the data required.

This of course will lead to companies being able to easily identify potential security threats within their systems and act immediately to make the systems more security tight.

The Secure Computing Web Reporter gathers as much information as possible and reports back based on the specific request from the user, for instance which desktops are likely to have or be prone to infections, web surfing activity and current and past downloading activity, just to name a few features.

Secure Computing’s Secure Web Reporter combines real-time views of an enterprise’s Web events and activities with powerful off-line processing that scales to quickly process volumes of data and meet large enterprise reporting demands.

Web Reporter displays a variety of useful and timely information, ranging from desktops likely to be infected with spyware, to data about Web surfing activity, malware blocked at the gateway, downloading activity and more.

Secure Computing Secure Web Reporter has already hit the ‘high street’ but is only available in a subscription-based premium version, although the basic version is expected to be released this month.


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