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August 6, 2008

Social networks attacked by worm

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by David Allen

Members of FaceBook and MySpace should be fairly cautious while checking out their favourite brand of networking site as a new worm targets vulnerable computers, turning them into zombies or recruiting them into the botnet.

This worm is spread through messages that members get, but these may look as if they are coming from their friends, which makes the whole thing confusing.

The messages contain links to videos and, as with many of these emails, there will be a prompt to download the latest version of Flash Player, but what the user is actually doing is downloading the network worm.

Once on the machine it will work away, distributing the worm to other users which have been obtained through the friends list.

It is an easy way of infecting computers, as members of social networking groups are very trusting of messages that have been sent by their friends.

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