Sky reveals new look for channels

August 7, 2008

Sky will be changing the way that the three entertainment channels look at the end of the month.

All three channels will now be getting their own separate identities, although by calling them Sky1, Sky2 and Sky3 it may not seem that they have thought it through, as that is what they are already called.

Sky have gone in line with the changes that other channels have been making, with each of its channels following a certain theme – Sky1 is ‘solids’, Sky2 is ‘liquids’ and Sky3 is ‘particles’ and will be for exclusive content and US imports.

What this will do for Sky viewers is stop the endless run of repeats that switch from each channel on a daily basis.

Sky 3 will also remain the only entertainment channel from Sky available on Freeview; however, this has proved to be a good move from Sky as it gets viewers interested in subscribing to a Sky package.


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  1. jamesf says:

    I’ve been very impressed with the changes. I feel Sky are good at revamping their image and trying new things quite regularly – we’ve only seen the BBC do this in the last couple of years. BBC seem to be moving with the times just as fast too!

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