Kangaroo inquiry jumps back

August 11, 2008

The date for the release of the project known as Kangaroo keeps jumping all over the place.

With the inquiry being carried out by the Competition Commission being put back once more, could the future of the project be in jeopardy?

The delay means that the joint venture between the BBC, ITV and Channel Four will not be available until at least the later part of January, which will no doubt be a severe blow the service, especially as they were expecting to get the go ahead for starting in mid December.

The delay is because the commission is still waiting for further information and details on the project.

Most of this should be in the hands of the commission by the beginning of September, however there have been problems with the broadcasters providing information on the project.

It is bad news for the broadcasters, who will be missing out on a busy time of the year and finally launching into the one of the quieter periods for broadcasting.


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