Bada pushes Amity to front of business strategies

August 12, 2008

Emerging from its former lower-key operations, Bada Networks is set to give a big push to its subsidiary, Amity Systems, to deliver what it refers to as a “massively scalable” real-time IP video processing and collaboration platform.

The company is responding to what it sees as large scale potential growth in the “social” networking and collaboration areas of the internet and in particular the potential for very large scale growth in the related use of real-time IP video.

The existing market for both desktop and mobile IPTV is already being appreciated but the company believes that this market will continue to expand.

That is why it has developed what it refers to as a new “future-proof platform” that will allow their clients to create their own apps, as well as managed services that are capable of using real-time video in multiple streams.

Bada has patented its new technology that will focus on managing and routing many thousand of real time video streams at the same time.

They intend to increase their video surveillance, videoconferencing and to work with some of the upcoming new social/entertainment innovations that are on the way to market.

The company has made management appointments to deal with this new push including Anson Chen who will be CEO, Matthew Klapman as VP in charge of marketing the new applications and Ryan Ross who will be the VP chasing sales and new business development.

About Bada Networks
Bada Networks is a privately held company focused on delivering collaboration infrastructure, applications, and solutions.

Bada is a Chinese term that means to reach in all directions.

It conveys the concept of seamless connectivity and collaboration.


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