CNN spam attacks continue

August 13, 2008

If anyone has checked their spam box recently they may have noticed that there have been some messages from CNN.

They carry the listing of Top 10 Lists, and at one time there were around eleven million messages per hour.

These started last week and have continued over the weekend.

One concern is that the messages have appeared to morph into new messages.

These include CNN Alerts: My Custom Alert and other variations of a similar nature, which is only to be expected as the media coverage alerts internet users to the threats.

If the link is clicked then the user would be taken another fake site, this time the CNN news site, where the visitor will be told that they need to download a flash player update, where they would be trapped to either seeing a repeat of the page, or if they cancel they could allow the malware to download.

Phishing still presents itself as major threat to individuals and businesses, as these emails become more sophisticated eventually one is going to get through.


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  1. Gary Warner says:

    Actually the CNN Spam stopped at 2:12 this morning for us. Since 3:18 this morning its all been MSNBC spam.

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