Ofcom delays 3G expansion

August 13, 2008

The spectrum auction was supposed to have been organised by the regulator Ofcom and really should have been well under way by now, but due to some last minute challenges from the mobile operators O2 and T Mobile, it seems that the auction of the 3G spectrum is being delayed.

The problem for the two mobile operators has nothing to do with the spectrum itself, it is all coming down to the actual auction process that they do not agree with.

A statement from the regulator, issued today, said that litigation is underway and Ofcom is calling for it to be progressed as quickly as possible. However, Ofcom has decided not to call for applications in September or October 2008.

The application process was supposed to have taken place by July, but this will not be happening until the legal process has been completed, which could be towards the later part of the year.


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