Virgin Media customers lose email

August 15, 2008

Customers of Virgin Media have been experiencing problems with their email on

This has been taking place over the past few days, and with the service page posted by Virgin Media not being too helpful, users have been left with no news and no access to their email.

The statement by Virgin Media on their service page indicates that there is a temporary fault that is affecting email and web services, which of course the customers already know.

However, this problem is affecting those Virgin Media customers who are using cable.

The problem apparently is due to a hardware failure at the Tucows OpenSRS Platform.

This has also affected other ISPs, but who they are is not known yet!

By now, all customers are supposed to be able to check their email though the webmail service, and for a third of their customers a full services has been resumed, although not all of the old messages will be available yet.


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