Daily Top 10 email spam

August 18, 2008

The news alerts email spam continues to develop, with CNN again the target of the latest wave of email spam.

Titled Daily Top 10, the email contains a table of supposed top ten CNN stories plus top 10 CNN video links.

However, none of the story links are to CNN, but instead attacks pages.

If CNN story or video links are clicked through, the user will end up on a page which tries to download Adobe_Flash, a piece of malware that has nothing to do with Adobe, but is frequently used to inject trojans or worms to a user’s PC.

It marks a change from previous CNN Alerts attacks, where the email would focus on a single fake story headline in the email title and the link in the body.

Briefly a new variant of emails claimed to be Breaking News, which curiously linked up to the faked CNN pages on third-party websites used to attack users.

Another variant over the weekend was simply titled “Breaking News” and if opened, contained what can only be described as bizarre story headlines.

Of course, as before, if you receive the Daily Top 10 email spam, just delete it, and do not open the links.

If you are unlucky enough to click on a link, close your browser without installing any software.

In the meantime, here’s a screenshot of what the Daily Top 10 email spam can look like inside:


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