Ofcom say copper wire is good enough

August 19, 2008

The telecommunications regulator, Ofcom, has been mixing things up when it comes to the proposed replacement of copper wire by BT.

BT recently announced that they were spending £1.5 billion on upgrading miles of copper cable to fibre optics, in order to be able to offer high speed broadband, that could reach an estimated speed of 40 Mbps, to most but not all parts of the UK.

However, Ofcom claims that if the situation was ideal, there is no reason stopping internet users getting speeds of up to 50 Mbps using the existing copper wire.

Broadband speed can be increased if the upstream modem is placed at the local exchanges.

This will boost the speed for the houses within a two-kilometre radius, which is around eighteen percent of all homes in the UK.


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  1. Paul F says:

    what about those like myself who live outside 2 KM radius currently i get 50KB download speed max on a good day :(

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